Just a little information to prepare for your upcoming appointment.

Why is app chat so important? 

We would like to remind you to please make sure your app is updated with the new chat feature, and your notifications are turned on while your pet is in our hospital. 

Not only has the demand for Veterinary medicine increased dramatically this year, with the recent curbside procedures phone traffic has also increased by 104%! Unfortunately we do not have enough phone lines or staff to assist everyone, which is why we rely heavily on the app chat feature to communicate with our clients during their pets appointments. 

At ACVH we have only the highest standards for our patients’ care even if this does take some extra time. Most pets treatments or services will take around 20-40 minutes to prepare for and complete, which can only happen after the plan has been reviewed and approved by you, and the payment process is complete. All of this now takes place in the app. 

Our policy at ACVH is that we will not treat your pet without your approval and completion of this process.

Here is some more information about our new process, and some tips to be prepared and help avoid delays in your appointment.


Appointment Checklist