Stem Cell Banking

Step into the future.

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your pet’s future health. At American Canyon Veterinary Hospital we offer a very unique opportunity to have your pet’s stem cells stored for future treatments. Just like cord blood banking!

Gallant offers cutting edge regenerative medicine solutions by pioneering an affordable, non-invasive method for stem cell banking, isolating the cells from tissue normally discarded during a spay or neuter. Learn how you can take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to save your pet’s young, healthy stem cells.


Stem cells are nature’s way of healing from within.

Stem Cells focus on harnessing the body’s own regenerative capabilities allowing it to repair itself and restore to its normal function.

  • Young, healthy cells
  • Tissue normally discarded
  • No additional procedure
  • No additional anesthesia

* Cost of therapy will vary depending on clinic administration fee

*These statements are made exclusively by Gallant Pet, Inc

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