Covid-19 Updates

Hello Everyone! All of us here at American Canyon Veterinary Hospital want to do our part in keeping our clients safe and healthy by helping minimize risk of passing Covid-19. While realizing that this may not be the ideal situations for some, we hope that our clients will understand, with the knowledge that these guidelines are only temporary, and that we will resume “business as usual” as soon as we are able.

Appointments: Until further notice, we will be limiting availability for appointments to those that are medically necessary. For those coming in for these appointments, or picking up prescriptions or prescription diets, we ask that you call us when you arrive so we can have things ready, and even bring it out to you!

Care In Your Pocket: During these hard times, we are always looking to make thing easier for you. So, we are excited to announce our new mobile app! Simply download our app below and you can request appointments, food, medication refills, and communicate with your vet!

We appreciate our clients, and want everyone to continue to move forward through this in the safest way possible! Thank you for our understanding and support!