Pairing the Medicine of the Future, with the Care and Compassion of the Past

In everything we do, we believe in setting a higher standard of veterinary medicine. We believe in caring for both the pet and the pet owner. And we believe in constantly improving, innovating, and adopting next-generation technology so that your pet lives the longest, happiest life possible.

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Pairing the Medicine of the Future, with the Care and Compassion of the Past

In everything we do, we believe in setting a higher standard of veterinary medicine. We believe in caring for both the pet and the pet owner. And we believe in constantly improving, innovating, and adopting next-generation technology so that your pet lives the longest, happiest life possible.

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What your neighbors say…

Dr. Singh has been the most caring and knowledgeable VET I have had in the 13 years my Beagle Jet has been a patient of Dr. Singh. His staff in very efficient compassionate.
Cheryl McGann with Jet
You are all doing so great! I went through a hard time last Christmas with one of my cats passing away at a young age and you offered to help me out with the process of bringing him in. You also really helped when another cat had an injury which wasn’t fully diagnosed by the ER hospital in Fairfield. During this pandemic, it’s been great to see how quickly you implemented a system to allow us to communicate effectively while doing the best to keep employees and visitors safe. Thank you for what you do and for being so conveniently located!
Melina/James Taylor with Quinn
I love the chat feature on the app; it makes communication so easy, especially with curbside service. The staff always respond quickly; it’s great! For this visit Kelly came out to get Cliff within 5 minutes of me letting them know I’d arrived (and I was early!). Within 15 minutes Dr. Singh called to let me know the results of the exam and shortly thereafter I received my quote for the visit. The link was easy to use for payment. As usual, a great visit!
Amy Kinnard with Cliff
Everything was great and so easy. They were able to squeeze in my dog for an emergency. Super helpful. The app worked like a charm and made everything quick and painless.
Stuard & Jordan Donaldson with Posey
The way everything is being handled is wonderful. Although I like being inside with my pet, I totally understand the new protocols. The setup you have is great.
Denise Baddeley with Lacey

Staff are always pleasant, helpful and respectful. Dr. Singh is knowledgeable and passionate, you can tell that he really cares about his patients. All the staff of AVCH takes care of my dog well and they make sure you get quality care every time.

Anna Canlas with Bruno
You guys are all fantastic! The new Covid process is organized and easy for you clients. Very much appreciated. Dr. Singh is a wonderful doctor!!
Patty Henry with Ava
The adjustment for COVID precautions makes for a different veterinary experience. A vet tech came out, received my dog and took him in for his examination. Dr Singh telephoned me as I waited outside during the examination to report the results and recommendations. I gave my authorization for treatment and upon completion the vet tech called me to process the payment. My dog was then returned to me with a receipt and instructions for at home care. All of the love and care that I have come to expect was provided.
Michael Smith with Ali
Amy was amazing as usual! She is genuinely kind and caring, and I so appreciate how detailed she is at explaining everything. Every staff member takes time to be friendly and helpful. RE: Signs on parking spaces (out front): BRILLIANT and sooooo helpful. Gives a list of everything needed – nicely done – and the flower pots are really cute!!
Dana and Kevin Connolly with Cami and Cooper
The staff at ACV is amazing. Amy, Dr. Singh and the rest of the staff always take great care of our dogs. We trust them completely!
Audrey Tacdol with Umi
Very caring Vets and Staff. My 12 year old beagle, Jet receives excellent care. The whole staff makes us feel like family and are a very loving and caring group of compassionate souls
Cheryl McGann with Jet
Dr Singh and his staff have always been warm and friendly, just like stepping into a family members home. I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else.
Jancy Watts with Magi
Amy was so helpful with following up to ensure my dog got her RX. The medication was sold out through the office and online, and Amy had to jump through several hoops, to finally get the RX connected with the 3rd Party. She was very patient with me, and the process, even though it was Undoubtedly frustrating. She even provided suggestions we hadn’t thought of yet (Walmart.) Good Job Amy! Excellent Service!
Jacquie and Matt Seversen with Roxy
Dr. Singh is very calm, soft spoken and kind to our cats. He remembers details, explains things simply, and values our input and concerns. The office staff is always pleasant, never seem rushed or stressed. They seem to love working there, and that makes our experience better.
Cherol & Don Ockrassa with Marmalade

We just love you and, even more importantly, so does Penelope and Dudley. They can be nervous at times but not with Dr Singh or your team. They actually look forward to their visits 🙂

Dina Tavares with Dudley

Dr. Singh’s staff is doing an awesome job at adjusting to the protocols set in place. They are doing what they can to assist their clients and see that everyone including our pets stay safe and well cared for. Thank you!

Chad & Kristen Klein with Sauer
We were squeezed in for an emergency. The first vet we called didn’t have any appointments until a few days out, but asked if I knew there was a vet in American Canyon. I didn’t! Then, our usual vet, who is even further away, said they were closing, and recommended we go to an emergency vet. I asked if she heard anything about American Canyon Veterinary, and she said that she’d heard good things. I was worried, because there were so many negative Yelp reviews, but decided to take a chance, and I’m glad we did! 100% pleased with our first visit! Everyone was wonderful. Even though they were super busy – everyone took the time to explain everything in detail and listen to my concerns. The cost was very reasonable, and our kitten made a full recovery. Couldn’t ask for a better outcome! We’re incredibly thankful for the care received and will definitely recommend to others.
Mary Kerner with Blaze

The personnel was very friendly, Dr. Singh is reachable and very logical in the assessment of my pet’s health. I feel that he genuinely cares about the health and well being of my dogs. Thank you.

Maritza A. with Wolfie

We love Dr. Sing. I would not take my pets to anyone else. We feel like your staff is a part of our immediate family.

Dewayne Byrdsong with Kenji

Dr. Singh and his staff are outstanding. They take such great care of our animals. In June, we had to put our 15 year old doxie, Jack, to sleep. It was heart wrenching, but Dr. Singh was so kind and compassionate with Jack and with us, as was his staff. Since then, our doxie, Maggie, has struggled. They are always patient and understanding with us, knowing we are extra protective of her. We are completely satisfied with the care given to our animals.

Kelly & Sharon P. with Maggie

Every single visit to ACVH is a pleasant experience! Both front office staff AND back office assistants are knowledgeable, patient, and incredibly kind. Everyone is always smiling and helpful. Dr. Singh has the biggest heart and genuinely cares for his furry patients AND their owners! Thank you all for everything!

Dana C. with Cami & Cooper

Very informative and responsive. My dog never seems scared around Dr. Singh or any of the vet staff. Special shout-out to Amy for being so kind and helpful whenever I’m stressed about something going on with my dog. She’s always so positive and caring!

Alexandra Neade with Koa

Dr. Singh and his staff are absolutely amazing! They took care of our two fur babies as if they were their own. Thank you so much!!!

Rachel C. with Sofie and Charlie

Dr. Singh and his staff have been just wonderful with All of our pets. They are very caring and helpful.

Scott A. with Cricket

Let me begin by saying that Amy is amazing! I know she must deal with tons of families and pets on a daily basis, but the compassion and care I can hear in her voice when speaking to her makes such a big difference. This is truly the type of customer service experience that I love and what I would strive to be like when I was previously working in the customer service field. Thank you Amy and all the staff at ACVH for taking care of my baby ChaCha – I’m so glad I switched over to your clinic and wish I had done it a lot sooner!

Ashley & Christain C.E. with Charmander

American Canyon Veterinary Hospital always provides excellent customer service and cares about every pet that walks through their doors.

David M. with Jax

Timeliness is important to me and the staff did a great job. And they’re always pleasant, including Dr. Singh. I was pretty impressed how organized they are during this pandemic.

Maria Camia with Louis

They are the best in the business!

Carmen & Thomas S. with Chompie

I love Murray so much, he’s basically my child, and I never thought I’d be one of those people who said that about their pets but here I am. I know that when I drop him off or stay for an appointment that you all treat him with love and compassion and he’s been through so much that I appreciate the extra loving care he receives at ACVH. Katherine in particular gives Murray the kind of attention I would give him so it comforts me (and I’m sure it comforts him) to have that person there who treats him like his mommy would. You guys are the best, not just in how you treat my baby but in how you openly and honestly communicate with me, that I always receive a call back or a reminder. I’m so happy I was referred to you, and I tell everyone about you because you’re just the best. Thank you so much.

Jessican & Joseph S. with Murray

The staff is always incredibly helpful and friendly. They always go above and beyond to help which means a lot especially during these tough times.

Charlie S. with Rosie

Choose growth.

Every day we come in to work, we think about improving what we do and how we do it. We prioritize continuous education and training for all of our staff members so that we are always at the cutting edge of modern veterinary techniques and knowledge. And we keep our eyes on the future, and provide our clients with more wonderful advances in veterinary medicine all the time. But enough talk – give us a call so we can show you what all the fuss is about.

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