Welcome To American Canyon Veterinary Hospital!

It can be an overwhelming task trying to find a veterinary practice that is right for you and your pet. At American Canyon Veterinary Hospital, we understand the importance of establishing a relationship with a veterinary professional you can rely on. We are committed to providing our patients with quality care, and the latest advances in modern veterinary medicine.

It is our mission to ensure peace of mind in the knowledge that ACVH will render the highest standards of care for your pet. From the moment you make your first appointment, to the time you leave the hospital, our staff will strive to make your visit at ACVH a favorable experience for both you and your pet!


Some suggestions to help make your visit as productive as possible:

Print & fill out the "Welcome Form" provided here ... View/print  "Welcome Form"

Try to limit the amount of people you bring with you to your appointment. As much as we would love to get to know everyone in the family, our exam rooms are just not large enough to accomodate more than 2-3 people. Your pet may have some inhibitions about being in a new place with new people and animals, so it may help alleviate their stress by limiting the amount of visitors.  

It is helpful to bring in a fecal sample in the event it is recommended your pet have a fecal test.

If your pet has records from another veterinary office, it would be optimal to bring them with you, or have them faxed. Our fax number is 707-644-2242. Medical records will provide the veterinarian with a more detailed account of your pets health history.


When you arrive for your appointment:   


When you enter the ACVH lobby you will be greeted by one of our Client Service Representatives! If you have your completed  "Welcome Form" and any records with you, you may present them to the Representative.

The Representative will then obtain a weight on your pet with our in-floor scale (unless your pet is small or a feline, then weight will be obtained in the exam room).

 You will then be escorted into an exam room, and the Veterinarian will be with you shortly!


When the Veterinarian has completed the exam:   


When the Veterinarian has finished the examination, they will step out to plan, and discuss with the Veterinary Technicians, any recommended treatments for your pet.

• A Technician will return to the room to discuss the recommendations, and provide a cost estimate for you to evaluate. It is completely your discretion as to the services you wish to receive. The Technician will ask you to sign the treatment plan form, which simply implies each item has been explained to you. At this point the Technician will step out and place your selections into the computer.

• When all services/products have been entered into your account, the Technician will return to retrieve your pet, and you will be invited to step out into the lobby to check out with our Representatives. They will provide you with any additional information, products, or medications. We will then perform the requested treatments for your pet, and safely return your pet to you in the lobby!